the next generation of regional air mobility.

For too long, regional aviation has been in decline. With loss of routes, cramped aircraft, terrible service and lack of reliability, it's time for a revolution in regional air mobility.

Restoring & Pioneering Routes

Our ground breaking routing and scheduling system allows us profitably to reconnect lost routes such as Milwaukee & Grand Rapids, and pioneer new ones such as Grand Rapids to Aspen, and Chicago to Mackinac Island.

Modern Regional Fleet

Our fleet of fuel efficient & quiet ATR aircraft use the new Highline configuration, allowing for greater comfort on short and long routes. No more fighting over an armrest, or cramped seats.

Premium Service

Our focus is on a seamless premium service, with private boarding, security screening and lounges on the ground, and free meals & drinks, Wifi, and checked baggage on all routes.

Technology First

We are fully built around software and automation. Our innovative systems lead to less overhead & issues, and we look forward to pioneering ground service, in-flight and aircraft technologies to become even more eco-friendly and profitable.

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